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    Leads from SEO have a 14% close rate. Our focus is on improving this number for our clients, which means increasing organic search traffic isn’t the only goal. We look closely at the data to understand the search behaviour of your audience and learn how to optimise your site to drive long-term revenue for your business. Our holistic approach integrates your SEO into your broader digital strategy so that all of your marketing efforts work better together.

    We’re an SEO agency with a holistic approach to building your website’s reach

    Our solution-driven approach helps your business grow.

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    Loud Days builds businesses through marketing, media & technology solutions.

    Our Work With Caring Clothing

    Caring Clothing’s SEO revamp to drive web traffic

    Loud Days sought to increase the number of repeat purchases as well as expand and engage the Caring Clothing target market with a digital media and SEO strategy as well as rejuvenating the website with content updates to yield higher conversion rates. During the ongoing SEO implementation, the approach resulted in improved user experience prompting an increase in total website traffic by 50%.

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    Partner with an agency that cares about your growth.

    A solution-driven approach to sustainable SEO and lead generation

    Our approach goes beyond improving search engine rankings – it’s about delivering a holistic digital experience that resonates with the right audience for more conversions.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Why is SEO important for businesses?

    SEO helps improve their online visibility and conversions, making it easier for potential customers to find you on search engines like Google. It’s a cost-effective way to lead more traffic to your website and leads to better conversions, revenue growth, and a competitive edge.

    What does a successful SEO service look like?

    A successful SEO strategy involves more than just short-term gains. A proper application provides sustained, long-term growth. In addition to achieving better rankings, a successful SEO strategy focuses on user experience, content quality, and ongoing optimisation.

    Why do you need an SEO agency?

    SEO is a complex, technical and multi-faceted area of marketing. Loud Days has a dedicated team with specialised knowledge in SEO techniques, keyword research, content optimization, and technical SEO to ensure that your SEO efforts are well-managed, optimised, and yield the best possible results, saving you time and effort while driving sustainable growth.

    How can our solution-driven approach help your business grow?

    Gain a partner that cares about your performance.