January 25, 2022 Case Studies

ecostore creates plant and mineral based cleaners, body care, and baby care products that are healthier and safer for you and your family. Driving sales, increasing brand awareness, and building a community that would communicate with the brand were the priorities. The community’s connection with the brand has significantly increased due to the right social infrastructure and shared love of eco-friendly products.

The social media strategy and ongoing relationship with ecostore has seen an active community reach new levels and has generated high-levels of community driven engagement. Since beginning our work together in June 2014, the ecostore Facebook community has increased by 3,000+ community members, while maintaining an average engagement of 8%. Their Instagram network has increased each month by an average of 19.03% in their following, whilst their engagement has risen from 2.5% to 29.5%.

Key results achieved

Facebook Likes

ecostore experienced a 50% increase in Facebook likes during the first eight weeks. For a brand with a strong community, leveraging content, content timing and adjustments driven by analytics, the community grew quickly.

Instore support

Through a petition run via Facebook, ecostore was able to show a leading retailer the support the brand had. Through the ‘power of the people’ shown in the campaign, the range went on a 12-month trial in one of Australia’s biggest retailers.

Instagram followers

Instagram just keeps on getting stronger with a 19% increase without advertising spend over a six week period.


We know giveaways and competitions are important for community growth, and ecostore knows how to make it work! ecostore enjoyed over 600 entries into a three week campaign.