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About Us

The Foundation

Before we begin our partnership together as your digital content agency, we clearly define what success looks like for you. Based on your business objectives and vision, we build you a customised digital marketing strategy that becomes your bible for digital marketing.

The Magic Formula

After we have identified the best path to get you results, we build you a pick n’ mix style package for ongoing digital marketing services, based on what you actually need (e.g. content creation, digital advertising, community management, website development).

The Feedback Loop

Throughout this process, we’ll provide you with insightful feedback and recommendations based on the data collected throughout all stages of the marketing process. This is presented in a live dashboard with 24 hour access for all parties.

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Data-Driven Digital Marketing Company In Melbourne, Australia

Loud Days builds businesses through marketing & digital media solutions. We leverage data & insights to lead clients through the changing digital landscape to transform and grow.

What We Do?

By combining strategy, expert digital marketing & media execution, years of industry experience and great personalities, those who work with Loud Days know that they have a committed and experienced team behind them. We work with you to achieve success; no matter what that looks like.

When you work with a data-driven digital marketing agency like Loud Days, you get every part of us; wholly and completely. All cards are on the table…we will always empower you and your team to make decisions that are right for your business.

Social Media 00%
Beautiful Digital Content 00%
Print 00%
Digital Media Strategy 00%
Website & App Development 00%

Dream Team

Mathew Fagan

Group General Manager

Elana Harari

Client Services Director

Adelene Ang

Head of Media

Jahnavi Duvvuri Sharma

Digital Account Manager

Kat Mullen

Social Media Executive

Our Principles

The Simple Rules That Guide Our Process

Digital Marketing & Media

Digital marketing & media must be viewed as a whole From social and content, to website and tracking, we work with the whole picture (even if we don’t control it) so that we can ensure we are giving you the best service and outcomes.

Content and Advertising

Spend on content and advertising The better your content, the better your traction. The more you reach your target audience, the more ROI you will get.

Digital Touchpoint

You must measure every digital touchpoint to measure the full success. Reporting and analysis are non-negotiables as part of our services so we can provide you with the best recommendations for success.

Agencies should work together

Agencies should work together and for you If you work with other agencies, our job is to work with your team to get the best outcomes. You’re the client; making your life easy is part of our job!

Improves your ROI

Spend on an agency that improves your ROI If you have internal capabilities, allow us to add value in the right place.






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