We are Loud Days

Marketing & Media has evolved beyond conventional advertising. Technology is transforming the way businesses engage with their clientele. We believe that creativity, innovation, and strategic thinking are vital elements for achieving business success.

What we believe

We believed in the power of technology to drive marketing performance. Founded in 2012, we set out to create a company that would leverage the latest technology to help our clients achieve their marketing goals.

Today, we’re proud to say that our philosophy remains the same, and we continue to push the boundaries of what’s possible with technology-driven marketing through the ITC Group of marketing and technology agencies. Our commitment to innovation, excellence, and customer success is what sets us apart.

Our Values


Our people set the standards and lead the way. We act decisively with courage, to lead our teams and clients forward.

Entrepreneurial Spirit

We actively seek growth opportunities for our clients.


It is our nature to dedicate ourselves to mastery. We are committed to excellence in all that we do

Be Loud

We create space for diverse ideas and people. We have a deep curiosity which allows us to bring unique ideas, methodologies and concepts into our work and lives

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