Mayfield Lamps

January 25, 2022 Case Studies

Mayfield have been designing, developing and distributing lighting for residential and commercial projects since 1945, becoming a leading supplier to the Australian Interiors Industry. Remaining 100% Australian owned and operated from their Melbourne base, the advent of Covid-19 meant re-examining their business strategy to emphasise the benefits of going on-line.


To diversify the Mayfield business model to include retail e-commerce in response to a declining wholesale market during Covid-19


Loud Days worked with the Mayfield team to define the online retail audience, and to implement Conversion Rate Optimisation strategies to improve total sales, as well as average cart values. By ensuring continued refinement of target audiences, Loud Days was able to ensure the right groups were reached during specific campaigns.


Loud Days’ strategy resulted in an 85% increase in website revenue, with online transactions up 55% as well as a 22% increase in the average time spent on the Mayfield website. A focus on Google Ad revenue alone saw a 172% increase, with Organic revenue also jumping 45%.

The social media strategy developed for the Black Friday sales saw an ROI of 5.0 with the cost of acquisition reducing by more than 40%.