Leapfrog Australia

January 25, 2022 Case Studies

The LeapFrog Australia social media launch and ongoing strategy has seen an increase in online and off-line sales, the development of an online community, and the achievement of engagement levels that are well above industry and Australian averages.

The strategy and social media schedules developed by Loud Days for LeapFrog Australia have now become international standards for the LeapFrog brand and has seen the Australian page become the benchmark for all other provinces.

Since beginning the relationship, LeapFrog has utilised Loud Days for the social media launches of two affiliated brands and integrated the Loud Days team into the operations of their internal marketing departments.

How we could help

When a globally recognised brand looks to launch a localised social media presence, a number of key factors must be considered. Not only is it important to create consistency across international platforms, but also to integrate local brand voice, legalities, and knowledge to gain traction.

A strong launch is vital, and Leapfrog Australia not only achieved this objective but has created a fantastic online community and hub for community interaction and customer service.

Key results include

Facebook growth

With no advertising spend, the LeapFrog Australia Facebook page has grown dramatically through the implementation of strategy, tactical campaigns, and ongoing community activation. Boasting over 29,000 Facebook likes in 24 months, the page continues to grow.


LeapFrog Australia holds the number one engagement within the LeapFrog international family pages, and within Australia, well surpassing the average Facebook page engagement of 2-3 percent with a page engagement rate of 9%.

Global footprint

When LeapFrog working with Loud Days on social media for product launches, LeapFrog Australia ranked number one in sales across the globe.

“We trusted Loud Days with our international brand’s social media launch.”
— LeapFrog Australia