Acciona Australia

January 25, 2022 Case Studies

ACCIONA is at the forefront of clean energy technology, with over 30 years’ experience in the renewable energy sector. Creating sustainable solutions across more than 16 countries and across five continents.


ACCIONA wanted to reach key consumer and stakeholder audiences across Australia with a unified approach and consistent messaging.


Loud Days developed a digital communication strategy to reach a variety of audiences including stakeholders, employees, and the public with an interest in energy and infrastructure.

Designing a comprehensive digital media plan, Loud Days sought to leverage website content, SEO, social media content and paid search. This included project updates and recruitment, as well as creating blogs aimed at the target audiences to help build awareness of the company and its work.


Loud Days’ digital communication strategy yielded a 10% increase in Organic visitors, with the success of more targeted content seen in the 60% increase in social media interaction. As well as this, Social Media interactions jumped from 3,000 to over 10,000.

Traffic-focused content ( i.e. driving the audience to the website through blogs) resulted in an added 3,000 clicks to the site, while the creation of a new systemised approach to the running of ACCIONA social media led to greater team efficiency, saving the team over 3 hours each week in content planning.