Loud Days Introduces AI and ML As Standard

March 27, 2023 Press

Loud Days has been pumping up the volume on the Asia-Pacific marketing & digital media scene for over 10 years. In recent years the digital agency landscape in the region has become stagnant, offering a limited point of difference when marketers, under enormous pressure to do more with less, come knocking for help.   

With the appointment of Group General Manager, Mathew Fagan, in 2019 and acquisition of Loud Days by ITC Group in November 2021, the team at Loud Days has carved itself a unique position in the market by building proprietary AI and Machine Learning technologies that are transforming the way it approaches marketing & media for clients. You could say that this technology-driven approach is what sets the agency apart from the thousands of boutique agency offerings in the Asia-Pacific market today. 

“We’re excited to lead the way in marketing technology by developing our own proprietary solutions to drive performance and maximise results for our clients,” said Group General Manager, Mathew Fagan.

“As part of the ITC Group, we’re uniquely positioned to combine the power of technology and marketing, powered by AI and Machine Learning, to provide our clients with an unmatched competitive advantage in the marketplace. We’re so proud that our product and technology are accessible to every client at Loud Days, big or small.”

By integrating AI and Machine Learning into their proprietary technology, Loud Days provide clients with unparalleled speed to market & agility, insights and analytics, helping businesses to make data-driven decisions and drive growth.

The agency’s technology-driven approach allows them to create highly personalised marketing strategies for each client. By analysing data and using AI and Machine Learning, Loud Days is able to identify the most effective marketing channels, target audiences, and content types, ensuring optimal results for clients. Leveraging these tools also allows Loud Days to offer the best results, efficiently. Meaning it can offer more competitive rates to clients under constant pressure to achieve more with less.

Loud Days and the ITC Group are also excited to announce the launch of a new SaaS AI product in the coming weeks. With a huge amount of pressure on agencies and marketing teams to deliver results with limited resources, this platform will be released in a free Beta version to give media and SEO specialists an opportunity to manage clients with technology-driven digital marketing.  Similarly, this technology will give agencies and marketing teams a competitive advantage when it comes to efficiency, speed to market and quality of content, while managing resourcing and maintaining margins.       

About Loud Days

Loud Days is a boutique marketing & media agency based in Melbourne, Australia and a member of the ITC Group of agencies. With a focus on developing proprietary technology solutions, Loud Days combines marketing expertise with advanced AI and Machine Learning capabilities to help businesses excel in the digital age. Loud Days serves clients across various industries, providing customised, data-driven marketing solutions. For more information visit www.louddays.com

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