AC/DC Stadium Tour: Australia and New Zealand

January 25, 2022 Case Studies

The goal for the event’s social media pages was to drive ticket sales as well as act as a mouthpiece for the brand, announcing shows, venue information and keeping the rapidly-growing community updated. Working closely with the touring company and publicity team, Loud Days exceeded all social media KPIs for both Australia and New Zealand, as well as surpassing broader business objectives.

Key results include

Community Growth

For the AC/DC Tour, Loud Days shifted the focus to leveraging the existing community, connecting fans and building greater numbers, whilst continuing to expand the content. The success of the social media campaign was noticeable from the outset, generating over 6,000 new fans in just 10 days!


In Australia alone, 33,000 digital stories were created within 8 weeks, followed by an additional 22,000 in New Zealand. This speaks to the excitement within the existing community which was both harnessed and generated by Loud Days prior to the event itself, as well as throughout the tours.

Social Media Engagement

Maintaining an average Engagement of 11% twelve months leading up to the Australian tour and 17% in New Zealand, the Loud Days strategy topped the previous 2-3% with ease, tapping into the community as well as developing bespoke content.