Should Seo Be Part of My Digital Marketing Strategy?

January 25, 2022 News

As a leading agency offering data-driven digital marketing services, Loud Days understands the benefits of a multi-pronged approach to optimising campaigns, increasing sales, and growing your business. An agency that understands what it takes to be a leading search optimisation company, Loud Days works behind the scenes to ensure all your newly-acquired traffic is converted into sales, keeping on top of the progress of your bespoke SEO digital marketing strategy.

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is achieved through a variety of strategies, from keyword research to content development and copywriting, meta-descriptions and URL structures, Google Analytics and link building. These terms may be foreign to those outside of SEO digital marketing, but are crucial in ensuring the creation of strong marketing practices and conversion rates. Not only does thorough knowledge of SEO help boost the numbers of those engaging with your website, but by harnessing the correct tools and data for your business, it will drive the right sort of qualified traffic to your pages. In essence, it assists with quality, as well as quantity, so that your audience numbers can translate into sales figures.

The Loud Days Way

The Loud Days approach is one which relies on the data – is your business reaching its full potential in terms of brand awareness, and is this equating to sales? Our breadth of SEO digital marketing services means we can help create and leverage content which will ensure you climb the Google ladder, reaping the benefits of the best possible SEO strategy. There are several factors that affect SEO optimisation, each which require attention and carefully-planned strategies to yield the best results.

High Quality Content

Ultimately, it is the calibre of content that makes an audience become a customer. Ensuring posts and information are appropriate and strategic will ensure you get the most traction, a broader visibility, and increased sales. The most effective way to produce premium content is through:

  • Appropriate blog topics
  • Copywriting & content development
  • Keyword research
  • Graphics
  • Videos

Content Volume

This goes hand-in-hand with the ‘quality over quantity’ approach. SEO optimization means leveraging the calibre of content, not simply churning out material.

Onsite SEO

Digital marketing services operate both on and off site. With our knowledge of Meta Descriptions, Title Tags, URL Structure, Loud Days can ensure your business is flying to the top of the search engine, resulting in more consumers, and greater brand awareness.

Technical SEO

Improving organic rankings, technical SEO ensures your website is fast, understandable, and ripe for searching! By improving the technical SEO elements of your website, technical SEO services ensure your page achieves and maintains a higher ranking for greater visibility.

Google Business Optimization

Relevance, proximity and trust are all factors that consumers are looking for when seeking out a business. SEO digital marketing can be improved by harnessing the Google business toolkit, leveraging any location-based strategies.

Google Analytics & Google Search Console

A search engine optimization company will be well aware of the benefits of Google’s services, including the ability to connect your Google Analytics account with the Search Console, allowing you and your agency to chart, monitor, and maintain the business’ SEO rankings, along with other important data. This means you have the data to ensure your strategy is yielding results, and to tweak as necessary.

Webpage/Website Auditing

This form of auditing looks at usability and continually seeks opportunities for improved SEO. A thorough analysis of lead-generation and conversion can drastically improve the nature of your website traffic, and in turn impact the conversion your website generates.

Link Building

Acting as a form of verification, having websites link back to your business page not only assists with SEO optimization, but also acts as a form of referral- evidence of another’s endorsement.

SEO & Clear Content: A Match Made In Heaven

Consider that when researching online, 75% of searches are conducted on Google. To be at the top of these results means the greatest visibility, generating traffic, and in turn the potential for increased sales. The best digital marketing services will understand that conversion can only occur with the help of appropriate content, therefore to enjoy the greatest results, an effective, user-friendly website needs to be attached. An appropriate website builds trust and credibility, ensuring your new, wider audience are ready to purchase, not just browse. Small and medium-sized businesses can benefit from harnessing local SEO strategies, focusing on localising content to draw larger audiences from specific locations. Local SEO means you can ensure your messaging is relevant and trusted, targeting specific groups and resulting in higher conversions. This is just one of the many ways appropriate content and SEO work together to generate the best outcome.

Working Constantly and Consistently

Google’s rules, regulations, and qualifications, are always changing, so it is crucial to enlist the assistance of digital marketing specialists to create, and continue to monitor and alter the strategies which boost and maintain your ranking. Algorithm-changes and regulations are evolving every day, therefore the necessity of effective digital marketing services to ensure consistent SEO optimization is crucial to reap consistent and long-term gains.

Loud Days

Digital marketing services such as those offered by Loud Days are at the forefront of data-driven strategy, offering tailor-made plans and analytics to ensure you’re in the best position to create and exceed all your business goals.