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Being at the top of the search engines is a prized location

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SEO Service Agency In Melbourne

Australia Local, Ecommerce, Small Business & Enterprise SEO. Search Engine Optimisation is a key component of any digital marketing strategy. With a focus on industry best practice, data and business insights, we work to improve your search engine rankings to drive the most qualified traffic to your website. Securing a good ranking in SERP is an asset itself for any business. In times when visibility equals sales, expert SEO services is a cost-effective approach with long term benefits to reach your potential customers. This has become even more essential as 68% of online experience starts with a simple google search and 2/3rds of the total clicks go to the first five organic search results. Hence, getting featured on the top of Google search results for queries and snippets related to your business cannot be taken lightly.

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What is SEO?

Search engine optimisation, simply written as SEO, is a part of digital marketing strategies that all the best seo service companies use to bring in more organic traffic to your website by increased visibility and organic search results. These organic search results can be from any search engine namely, Google, Bing, Yahoo or any other and often positioned between paid ad listings.

Organic is what most people know as the free and you do not have to pay Google (or others) to appear there. However, getting the top position in the SERPs is not easy. An effective SEO strategy involves not only keyword rankings; it also includes user experience, relevance of content, domain authority and so much more.

Search engine optimisation starts with a comprehensive SEO audit of your website, followed by extensive keyword research and a solid SEO marketing plan that is focused on strategic business goals, specific to your business or industry. A number of ‘factors’ make up an effective SEO strategy. An expert SEO service company like ours not only sorts out the right one but also makes the whole process of setting up the right SEO smooth and rewarding for your business.

On page and Off page SEO

On page SEO helps your website to be more Google search friendly by optimising text and codes. This makes a foundation of a good SEO campaign. Next comes building authority and trust. This is where off page SEO comes into action with the help of link-building and social media. Our search engine optimisation services prepare your website to get noticed and climb up the rankings.

Technical SEO

Technical SEO mostly refers to crawling and indexing for optimising your website. It also includes all the technical processes involved to improve search visibility. Technical SEO covers everything from sitemaps, meta tags, JavaScript indexing, linking, keyword research, etc.

Local SEO

If you’re a local business, competing with your local competitors makes for more sensible SEO success than competing against global business. Local SEO is set up with intentions to bring in more customers and traffic to your business from relevant google searches that search for a designated name, address or place. Local SEO is combined with setting up a Google My Business listing to make it a complete solution to local SEO services needs.

How can our SEO services agency help your ranking

  • Expert keywords research and create quality content for your business.
  • Target specific keywords to boost ranking
  • Organising site architecture for better viewing
  • Optimisation of metadata, titles, and images
  • Optimisation and enhancements for website conversion rate
  • Link-building and placements of backlinks
  • Optimisation of social media profiles and making sure you have good social interactions
  • Innovation
  • Innovation

Our SEO services include

Content Development & Copywriting, Keyword Research, Website & Web Page Auditing, Onsite SEO: Meta Descriptions, Title Tags, URL Structure, Google My Business Optimisation, Google Analytics & Google Search Console, Link Building, Technical SEO

What our Search engine optimisation services include



We work closely with you to put together some smart SEO tactics that work for your business and your budget.



Selecting the search terms you should be ranking for and aligning the same with what search terms are your prospective buyers searching.



Here is where we find out where your competitors are ranking higher and how do we outrank them.



This is the part of our search engine optimisation service where we analyse all of the website for its content and meta tags, title and URL structure.



Here we make sure your content is well aligned with the specific guidelines of search engines.



Here we first analyse what backlinks are coming to our site and how they are helping in our Google ranking. Once the website is properly optimised to attract or desired keywords, link building helps improve ranking by making your site more visible and trustworthy.



Similar to web pages, Video content also needs keyword research and effective SEO strategy to rank higher on search results.



Listing your business on Google My Business (or GMB) is particularly beneficial for local businesses, or those businesses which rely on their location for the product or service they offer. An SEO service company can help you single-handedly improve a business's local SEO ranking. It sets an immediate first impression for searchers and lists business's essential info mentioned on the right-hand side of the interface.

An SEO services agency makes the best use of technical seo in order to benefit your business. Positioning your business on search engines may take time, hard work, and money, but in the end it is worth investing as the ROI in SEO will greatly increase over time.

Digital Strategy

We use data & insights to ensure digital marketing works hand in hand with your omni channel marketing strategy, delivering your business objectives and ROI.

Digital Advertising

From social media advertising to Paid Search, Display, and Video, we use insights to recommend and manage the most effective digital media channels, so you don’t have to.

Social Media

We build & manage communities that engage with your business. From content plans & playbooks to community moderation. Social media is in Loud Days’ DNA.

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