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Help Your Ads Reach the Right Audience With Paid Media Advertising

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Drive People To Your Business

We build robust advertising campaigns that generate tangible outcomes for your business. From Paid Search, Social Media Advertising, and Programmatic Media buying, your performance manager will develop strategic advertising campaigns to reach your target audience in the most cost-effective and efficient way across paid media placement.

Our Approach

Steps for measurable success of paid media advertising


Before we begin our partnership together, we clearly define what success looks like for you. Based on your business objectives and vision, we build you a customised digital marketing strategy that becomes your bible for digital marketing.



After we have identified the best path to get you results, we build you a pick n’ mix style package for ongoing digital marketing services, based on what you actually need (e.g.: content creation, paid media marketing, digital advertising, community management, website development).


Throughout this process, we’ll provide you with insightful feedback and recommendations based on the data collected throughout all stages of the marketing process. This is presented in a live dashboard with 24 hour access to all parties.


Programmatic Media

We utilise data insights and algorithms to serve ads through marketing automation to the right user at the right time, at the right place, and at the right price. The ads they see are personalised to them, encouraging clicks.

Social Media Advertising

We develop, deploy, manage and optmise your social media marketing campaigns across all platforms including Facebook advertising, Instagram, LinkedIn ads with our paid social media services.

Native Advertising

Reach customers on websites they trust. Generate high-impact awareness, consideration, and lead conversions for your brand across a network of the world’s top website, apps, and devices

Google Ads

Using Google Adwords we can raise your brand awareness to place you in front of potential customers right when they’re looking for you. Our paid media services can create a PPC campaign using search engine marketing or promote images or video ads across the Google display network.

Google Shopping

Paid media marketing includes product listing ads to showcase your products when a customer is searching for your particular item.

Bing Ads

Be discovered in search ads or display ads by including Bing in your paid media advertising. Microsoft advertising can increase your return on your PPC advertising.

Search Engine Optimisation

Using the right keywords on your website and within your ad copy will have you ranking higher in search engine results, so customers can find you easier.
  • Paid Media
  • Paid Media

Paid Media Advertising

Paid media services, and particularly paid social media services, work in tandem with your website and organic content to drive performance for your business. For many users a post from a paid media campaign will be their first exposure to your brand and opens the door to further communication with them.

With a paid media strategy we help our clients run a successful campaign. We have you covered from initial conception and targeting, through creation and running of your digital media campaign, to analysing your google analytics and data gathered for improvements and optimisation.

We combine strategy, expert digital marketing, media execution, years of industry experience, and great personalities to offer you a committed and experienced team to handle your paid media services. We work with you to achieve success, whatever that looks like for you. When you work with us, you get every part of us – wholly and completely. We value transparency so all cards are on the table. We will always empower you and your team to make the right decisions for your business. You’re the client; making your life easy is part of our job!

What does PPC mean?

PPC advertising or ‘Pay-Per-Click’ advertising is a form of digital marketing where businesses bid for ad spots and pay a fee each time an ad is shown or clicked. Paid search focuses on encouraging users to click on a link and complete an action. The most prominent forms of this advertising are search engine advertising and paid social media advertising.

How do you calculate ROI?

A small fee is paid each time a customer clicks on your ads and is redirected to your website. The hope is that they will continue on to purchase your goods or complete your desired action. ROI will be calculated differently based on your desired objective. But put simply, a click could cost you $2, but that click can lead to a sale of $200, giving you a large return on investment.

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