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With over one billion websites, there is no doubt that the internet is a crowded arena, however as of December 2020 there are over four billion active internet users, which means an investment in website design and development is crucial to ensure your business breaks through to reach your target market.

It is undoubtedly a competitive world and therefore harnessing the expertise of a reputable digital marketing company in Australia is the best way to stand out and grow your business. With so many website design & development companies, it’s useful to get a sense of what to look for when choosing who to partner with for your foray into cyberspace to increase your brand value and ensure your business thrives.


In order to stand out, a clear and effective digital strategy is required. Working with a digital marketing company with strong knowledge of website design & development can ensure you have access to expertise in all areas which will help your business gain traction and build brand awareness. Loud Days is a digital agency as well as web development company in Melbourne, with a proven track record of launching and growing businesses through a holistic process including web design, development and social media. Furthermore, with expertise in eCommerce, channel integration, SEO and inventory management, Loud Days and agencies with similar data-driven approaches are the most effective to ensure your website is developed and maintained from start to finish, with the best results.


As the main point of contact between a business and consumer, website usability is paramount. With clear design and continual development, a positive user experience can be achieved by enlisting website design & development experts, who understand how to leverage online data to develop an optimised user experience that drives business performance.


A good digital marketing company can create digital marketing strategy as well as website design & development to suit the precise needs of your brand and your budget. Frontend development, hosting, content creation, brand strategy and positioning are all areas to consider as part of your spend, so be sure that your agency has covered these fundamentals when pitching for your business. Additionally, remember that creating room in your budget today can result in greater returns in the future; studies have shown that a web development company with complementing skills in content strategy can result in your brand gaining 6x more conversions than standard marketing. In other words, know what your budget is ahead of time, and look for website design & development agencies that can work within your means.


When selecting candidates to approach for web design and strategy, narrow your search by examining their portfolios. Case studies are available on company websites and can provide links to external sources you may wish to contact privately in order to get information on the pros and cons of their own experience working with the agency. If you have contacts in similar fields, it can be prudent to ask whether they’ve worked with a digital marketing company in Australia and assess their experiences. It is also worth noting whether the agency appears industry-specific, and which sorts of audiences their clients reach. Do they have best practices for on-page SEO? Can they create and execute content strategies? Do they design for e-commerce? And do they specialise in a particular CMS or coding language?


The best agencies should understand both website design & development as well as strategy. Web development, design, copywriting, SEO, eCommerce, etc.; it is important to understand whether an agency has specialists in these areas, as the execution of strategy is as important as the design. Depending on your requirements, location may also be a factor to consider. For those seeking an agency to take charge of implementation alone, a web development company in Melbourne is as useful as one interstate. However for those who require a more hands-on approach and are working through the development process from strategy and design to maintenance and content creation, it can be useful to find a local agency for more frequent and efficient communication.


Once you have narrowed the field for potential agencies, ask which clients they enjoyed working with and why. This is particularly useful for those who are willing to engage an agency for strategy as well as website creation in order to gain a sense of how they work, and what their values are. Don’t be shy when it comes to risk management; ask them to explain the possible risks of any strategy, and how they feel they can be avoided. It is also useful to understand that agencies have different ways of measuring success; however an approach which is data-driven is the only empirical way to assess the outcome of your website. This means enlisting the services of an agency with a strong reliance on data, and who are well-versed in designing User Experiences and User Interfaces will also offer the most reliable results.


If you’re interested in taking the next step with your business, contact Loud Days. As a leading data-driven digital marketing and website development agency, Loud Days have all your needs under one roof: tailor-made strategies with expert digital execution, SEO, content creation, analytics and more, ensuring you get the results you’re after. With years of industry experience combined with a specialised and dedicated team, Loud Days work with you, and for you, each step of the way.