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We all know people in one of these camps: those who believe content is king and no amount of empirical evidence will convince them otherwise, or the number-crunchers, aka people led by facts and figures with concepts of atmosphere and aesthetics coming in second.

For the first group, advertising and strategy should take a leaf out of the book of interpretive dance, with success being achieved through the implementation of a certain je ne sais quoi. Think black and white films, slow-motion footage and images unrelated to the product in question, yet somehow it packs a punch. Equally bright and energised adolescents juggling coffee grinders and jumping into pools of water can somehow be an adequate means to sell insurance. Confusing? Yes. But those in the ‘creative’ teams love it! The question for you as a business owner is ‘will this translate to sales, to growing my audience, to success?’. Probably not.

Likewise, the number-crunching boffins who love a good spreadsheet are at the mercy of analytics, frothing at the mouth over data that irrefutably indicates where you spend, when, how much, and it’s impact. Will those graphs and percentages increase awareness of your brand, promote greater profits and lead to success? Again, not so much. But a strategic partnership between these different skills and backgrounds is what will make your business flourish, giving you an ‘all bases covered’ support network, and the ability to reach, impact, and engage with the most suitable audience.

Loud Days is the digital marketing agency that combines the creative with the empirical, using a team of experts to help you grow your business through digital strategy, advertising, social media and SEO, meaning we can help you reach your goals and beyond with our team of energised, imaginative, and empirical individuals under one roof.

As a digital marketing agency which respects the client’s vision, Loud Days are on-hand to leverage your existing client base or start from scratch with our tailor-made content and web development solutions to drive you towards becoming the company you want to be. From social and content to websites and tracking, our digital marketing services can guide you each step of the way, building your audience and increasing sales, resulting in proven results, not just pretty diagrams.


Loud Days are more than a website development company. We are a digital marketing agency, who understands the key to your business success is creating a strategy from go to whoa. We take a bespoke approach to our clients, meaning your plan is unique to your business and your personality, offering the most appropriate content and execution to reach the target audience. We’ve got your back and are at your service, measuring every digital touchpoint so that we can see the success in practice, not just in theory.


We’ve got you covered across the board, from social media advertising to Paid Search, as well as display & video, we use data to inform and manage your unique campaigns, with the creative flair to ensure your ads are engaging as they are effective. As a digital advertising company, Loud Days can promote your business, increasing awareness and resulting in sales.


Loud Days offer the best digital marketing services, building and managing communities to ensure meaningful engagements with your business. From content plans to moderation across all digital platforms, Loud Days can design and execute your one-of-a-kind strategy to best effect, with our social media experts at the helm.


Search Engine Optimisation aims to bump your business to the top of Google search results! Loud Days can increase your organic visibility to ensure you become the go-to business in the marketplace. Following the strictest guidelines and with complete transparency along the way, we’ll equip you with precise data so that you can track the success of your plan from start to finish. With live data dashboards, the Loud Days approach is one which allows clients to monitor the impact of their campaign at any given time, so that we can continually tweak our game plans and ensure you’re getting the most bang-for-your-buck.


The heart of the Loud Days approach. Ispos recently found that ‘creative quality’ determines 75% of ad impact, meaning there is a necessity for ideas and imagination within a brand strategy to ensure the greatest effect. However, no one wants their business to be that masterpiece nobody saw (send your suggestions to our office). This is where the digital marketing services provided by Loud Days come into its own, correlating sales data with creative elements, assessing the success for every audience across any segment.

Loud Days is a leading data-driven digital marketing agency in Melbourne. We leverage our expertise to develop business and marketing strategies that return tangible results for clients.